Technology Cluster "CAx-Technologies"

The primary objective of the technology cluster "CAx-Technologies" is to construct the software tools necessary for planning and conducting the manufacture within production out of highly flexible components and to make available open interfaces for the different adaption technologies. Thus, this project strives for an adaptive component manufacture based in particular on the correct handling of machines, control and measurement data.

The technology cluster consists of the following three sub-clusters:

  • Production Data Model
  • Model-based Process Engineering
  • Data Acquisition and Handling

The CAD model underlying the component itself will be stored with manufacturing information in the first-named sub-cluster, thereby making it possible for construction engineers to easily recognize geometric features.

Technology Cluster "CAx-Technologies"

Data Consistency

In parallel, the second sub-cluster shall pursue the development of software tools to enable the necessary flexibility for different repair chains and to guarantee a unified pool of data. Individual function blocks will allow the process-specific modules of the process chain to be arranged flexibly. In a graphic environment, calculation modules for machining processes, technological data and machine properties will be combined according to the process’s need to adapt specifically to the application.

The third sub-cluster aims to make the component data provided by the measurement technology manageable and to enable feature recognition of component geometries and defective surface sectors. Since CAx deals with cross-sectional data, all the activities of this technology cluster will be meshed closely with the other clusters within the overall project.