Technology Cluster "Machining"

The technology cluster "Machining" is divided into the following subclusters:

  • Milling and Turning
  • Grinding
  • Clamping
  • Process Monitoring

This technology cluster shall focus on technological developments of relevant individual processes. These will be combined to make adaptive production possible. Within each of the subclusters, singular innovations will be generated, which will then be applied and verified on concrete demonstrator models once they reach a defined maturity.

Technology Cluster "Machining"

Individual Technologies for Adaptive Production

Machining Technologies

The individual processes Milling and Turning as well as Grinding are distinguished by their high flexibility, which, therefore, overtake an important role in the last steps of complex process chains. The goal of the subcluster Milling and Turning is to prepare a methodology to operate process dimensioning systematically, thus making it able to react to product innovations flexibly. The goal of the subcluster Grinding encompasses the mastery of adaptive and automated fine machining processing of complex turbomachine components.


Clamping Technology

Clamping is centrally embedded within this technology cluster in order to reach the goal of designing a flexible process chain. The conceptual design of clamping has to be viewed in a detailed way to be able to serve the entire process chain as well as all individual technologies, and to integrate them together seamlessly.


Process Monitoring

In the end, process monitoring should make the technologies available, with whose aid the developed general dimensioning methods can be evaluated in the application and, thus, verified.