Technology Cluster "Roadmapping"

Within the scope of the precompetitive and bilateral R&D projects in the innovation cluster, both Fraunhofer Institutes will obtain profound insight into strategically relevant development issues of the participating industrial partners. Outside of the consortium, there will be further relevant developments within the topic of turbomachinery, those which are not considered in "AdaM". So that the research activities can be used to the best possible extent, a ground-breaking approach from this sector will be integrated into the innovation cluster on the one hand and, on the other, will serve as a basis for further cooperative projects.

Technology Cluster "Roadmapping"

Expanding the Cooperation Network for the Long Term

The technology cluster "Roadmapping" will aim to assure that the cooperation network continues to be developed and also to exist after this innovation cluster ends. A platform shall be set up to guarantee systematic communication and a target-oriented exchange of ideas within the consortium. The methodical foundation to attain this goal will be derived from the road mapping process, which is a building block of strategic technology management.


Finding Topics and Gaining Stakeholders

In a first step, topics for future cooperation projects shall be identified. To do this – once the innovation cluster has begun – the employees of the Fraunhofer Institutes will prepare and conduct bilateral workshops with the participating partners in order to take stock of the demand for future development in each of these companies. On the basis of individual information they have collected, the Fraunhofer Institutes will identify overlapping synergies and derive from them a thematic foundation for new R&D projects in order to continue operating the cooperation network. In a second step, the existing cooperation network will be brought together with further stakeholders, and a platform for expanding the consortium will be established.